STD Post-Paid SIM Only

STD Post-Paid SIM - rentals
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STD Post-Paid SIM Only

Daily Rate Cost Per Day
1-7 days minimum $7.00
8+ days (per day rate) $6.00
BOND $100.00

This is effectively a short-term plan and will be a service where the airtime usage is billed at the end of the rental term.

For customers that already have an Iridium handset, they can rent just the SIM only. The daily service fee is $7, with a minimum term of 7 days. The call rate to a standard Mobile or landline will be $3.00 per minute (charged in 20 second increments), SMS’s will be charged at $0.50, and any calls to another satellite service outside of Iridium will be charged at $15 per minute. This will be charged to the credit card on file and a Tax Invoice will be issued once the charges have been paid. SIM Only rental has its own shipping costs of $10 each way, should the customer require shipping.

Please note that Standard Iridium Post-Paid Rental Airtime is only available within Australia and will NOT work outside of Australia.

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